NOxOFF™ Asphalt


NOxOFF is a specially formulated coating for wet concrete, bitumen roofing and asphalt road surfaces. It is a very cost effective TiO2 based photocatalytic product. Activated by natural sunlight and cleaned by the rain, giving us clean air to breathe. NOx particles are turned into nitrate, helping fertilize the soil.

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NOxOFF™ Asphalt

NOxOFF Asphalt is delivered as fluid or granules. The solution reduces rapidly, as well as effectively the harmful NOx emissions. It contributes to complying with the threshold set by the EU for urban environments (read more). NOxOFF Asphalt significantly improves air quality, and our case studies show NOx reductions of 13-25% in urban environments. NOxOFF Asphalt is easily applied during the asphalt laying process. It can also be used as an after-treatment and with an inexpensive spraying technique.

By applying NOxOFF you will have a new product offer to the market without having RD costs. The NOxOFF product is tailor-made and will be calibrated precisely to your needs and surface type. NOxOFF fluids are developed and made in Denmark.

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More than 9 million m2 of applied surfaces

Degrading more than 301 kg/NOx per day

+ 324 tons of NOx degraded in total