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The Manufacturer

Your customers in the building and infrastructure sector push you to deliver innovative solutions that meet robustness and aesthetics. They might also want you to meet green and sustainable requirements and solutions.

In Photocat we are committed to the challenge your customer has placed. Together we design a high-quality photocatalytic solution that fits the demands, and you have new product offer without investing in research and development.

Jointly we provide a cleaner environment through active photocatalytic solutions that reduce air pollution by using light. Products with photocatalytic features also help degrade unwanted organic materials.

With your angle on innovation and sustainability, you might be a preferred supplier in the future.

Easy implementation in your production facility

We provide a cost-effective method to implement photocatalytic technology in your production facility. Our solution avoids impacting essential factors such as production speed and complexity.

We assess the compatibility of your product with our technology platform. We test according to the relevant ISO standards and facilitate 3rd party certification.

Commercializing a photocatalytic solution for your building materials requires an understanding of the problem it helps mediate and the technology itself. Photocat offers training sessions and supporting material to help your company become fully equipped to bring the solution to the market.

We set-up equipment in your facility


We test & ensure a high quality for your product

We train your employees in photocatalysis & air pollution


Concrete surfaces

Concrete surfaces

 Bitumen membranes

Bitumen membranes

Asphalt surfaces

Asphalt surfaces

Concrete surfaces

Hardwood floors

Concrete surfaces

Wood wool

Materials we work with

Photocat has an extensive knowledge base for implementing a highly effective photocatalytic technology to be added to surfaces of building materials and asphalt. We are granted more than 40 patents worldwide and have more than 50 patents pending. Our photocatalytic solutions are implemented in 14 countries worldwide.
We are continuously doing research and development, and we encourage committed manufacturers to have a dialogue with us.

The Photocatalytic technology brings an effective environmental impact to your building material products

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More than 9 million m2 of applied surfaces

Degrading more than 301 kg/NOx per day

+ 324 tons of NOx degraded in total