Board of Directors & Management

Board of Directors & management


Micheal Humle

Michael Humle has many years of experience in management and particularly in the field of business development and market access. Before becoming CEO and Partner in Photocat he served as VP in SCF Technologies. Before that he has acted as senior management consultant, IMS Health and previously in various sales and marketing functions in the pharmaceutical industry. He was originally trained as an accountant in Ernst & Young.

Michael is master of law from Copenhagen University and BCom in International Business from Copenhagen Business School besides Executive management training from Kjerulf & Partners , Novartis Training and Project Management from George Washington University.

Jacob Holmblad board of directors

Henrik Jensen co-founded Photocat A/S in 2009. Henrik is inventor of the technology platform behind Photocat and was responsible for developing the technology from initial idea to commercial level. Henrik is Chemical Engineer and holds a Ph.D. within nanoparticle production from Aalborg University. He has more than 10 years of experience in bringing new technologies and new products to the market.

He is experienced in chemical industries and chemical production. Responsible for up-scaling of production technologies as well as implementing new application systems in existing productions.

Board of directors

Mette Therkildsen board of driector

Mette Therkildsen

Chairman of the Board

Mette Therkildsen is CEO of Gribvand, Cand.merc and INSEAD. Mette has since 1990 had management positions and since 1997 senior management positions in such organizations as TDC, Copenhagen Energy and Lego. Mette has always taken an interest in developing organizations commercially which has given her the chance to work with business development both in the larger companies and in smaller companies.

In the period from February 2006 April 2009 Mette was CEO of Cartime technologies and Codecco, from November 2004- November 2005 Programme Head, from November 2000 – November 2004 CEO Copenhagen Energy, from November 1999 to November 2000 COO sales and marketing, from august 1994 to November 1999 various senior management positions in TDC and before Marketing VP Telecom and State of Denmark Teleservices.

Jens Rom

Jens Rom

Board Member

Jens Rom is an experienced business leader and Board member, having operated at C-level for +30 years. He holds a B.Sc from Copenhagen Business School.

He began his career as a banker progressing to VP level. After 15 years he went on to Ikano Bank, part of the IKEA Group, to become its MD in Denmark.

In 1994 Jens managed a green field launch of Ikano Bank in the UK and spent 12 years building Ikano’s position within consumer finance and market insights.

In 2006 Jens went back to Denmark to become Nordic Head of Cards for Citi Group.

In 2008 Jens took over as CEO of Bring Citymail and later as Country Manager for Bring in Denmark and Finland.

In 2020 Jens became CEO of SwipBox International.

tom weidner

Tom Weidner

Board Member

Tom as a skilled business entrepreneur working in the field of bringing companies from idea to market. His background includes experience as CEO in international companies working with surface treatments and responsible for innovation in a major packaging group. Tom spends his professional life as investor in start-ups and companies in their youth.

Tom’s vast experience in investing directly in companies combined with his deep chemical knowledge is for Photocat a highly valuable contribution, as new ideas and product concepts are effectively scrutinized in the early life.

Theis Reenberg

Theis Reenberg

Board Member

Theis Reenberg is a talented nano scientist within applied chemistry with several years of experience within organic synthesis. Theis has for the past two years worked with nanosized photocatalysis and especially with incorporation of nanoparticles in organic matrixes. Theis is one of the inventors of the Photocat ActiFloor technology and Theis was the main driven force taking the Photocat ActiFloor technology from lab scale to producing ActiFloors in commercial laminate floor factories.

Theis is also co-inventor on the technology for producing the nanoparticles for both ShineOn and ActiFloors. Theis is an Organic Chemist from Copenhagen University and holds a Ph.D. Degree within carbohydrate recognition in water obtained from the Carlsberg laboratory.