Board of Directors & Management

Board of Directors & management

Senior Management

Micheal Humle

Michael Humle has many years of experience in management and particularly in the field of business development and market access. Before becoming CEO and Partner in Photocat he served as VP in SCF Technologies. Before that he has acted as senior management consultant, IMS Health and previously in various sales and marketing functions in the pharmaceutical industry. He was originally trained as an accountant in Ernst & Young.

Michael is master of law from Copenhagen University and BCom in International Business from Copenhagen Business School besides Executive management training from Kjerulf & Partners , Novartis Training and Project Management from George Washington University.

Number of shares: 250.000 

Jacob Holmblad board of directors

Henrik Jensen co-founded Photocat A/S in 2009. Henrik is inventor of the technology platform behind Photocat and was responsible for developing the technology from initial idea to commercial level. Henrik is Chemical Engineer and holds a Ph.D. within nanoparticle production from Aalborg University. He has more than 10 years of experience in bringing new technologies and new products to the market.

He is experienced in chemical industries and chemical production. Responsible for up-scaling of production technologies as well as implementing new application systems in existing productions.

Number of shares: 10.000

Jacob Holmblad board of directors

Jesper Elsgaard


Jesper is Master of Science in Strategy, Organisation & Management and

Complementing executive leadership and strategy modules from Harvard Business School, IMD and Ashridge Management School

 Jesper Elsgaard has extensive experience in strategic optimization, brand/product launching, Life Cycle Management strategies, Governmental Affairs and strategic forecasting. Previously to Photocat, he was Partner in the Strategy and Public Affairs consulting house Szpirt & Company. Prior, Jesper has been the Global Head of Governmental Affairs at Bavarian Nordic for 7 years, Head of the North Europe Consulting team (Benelux, UK, France, Africa and Nordics) at IMS Consulting Group, Global Marketing Director at Novo Nordisk, where he was responsible for launching Levemir in 40+ countries across the world, and Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company where he participated in strategic and operational projects for top-10 companies in Denmark and EU. 

Effective from August 2022, Jesper joined Photocat as CBO, Chief Business Officer with the overall responsibility for International Markets outside of the Nordics.

Number of shares: 0


Board of directors

Mette Therkildsen board of driector

Mette Therkildsen

Chairman of the Board

Mette Therkildsen is CEO of Gribskov Forsyning A/S, and is Cand.merc, strategy and management and INSEAD.

 Mette has since 1990 had management positions and since 1997 senior management positions in such organizations as TDC, Copenhagen Energy and Lego.

Mette has always taken an interest in developing organizations commercially which has given her the chance to work with business development both in the larger companies and in smaller companies.

In the period from February 2006 April 2009 Mette was CEO of Cartime Technologies and Codecco, from November 2004- November 2005 Programme Head, Lego, from November 2000 – November 2004 CEO Copenhagen Energy, from November 1999 to November 2000 COO sales and marketing, from august 1994 to November 1999 various senior management positions in TDC and before Marketing VP Telecom and State of Denmark Teleservices.

Now Mette is a Board Member of Nordkøb A/S and Board Partner at Munkeruphus.

Mette joined Photocat as a Board Member in 2011, and became Chairman of the Board in 2015

Number of shares: 243.710

tom weidner

Troels Gert Nielsen

Board Member

Troels Gert Nielsen is CEO at Fonden Spring Nordic and Impagt Invest Sjælland A/S, both shareholders in Photocat A/S. 

Prior to his current positions, Troels has been part of the executive board at BLUETOWN A/S (telecom), Fiberblaze A/S (electronics) and CAPRES A/S (equipment for the semiconductor industry).

 Troels is board member at Glycospot ApS and is M.Sc. (econ) from Copenhagen Business School.

Internationally, Troels has spent 3 years abroad, including 2 years in Luxembourg and 1 year in the US. Commercially, Troels has mainly been working on overseas markets, that is the US, East Asia, the Middle East, India and Africa, both within sales and finance.

Member of the board of Photocat A/S since May 2024

Number of shares: 0


Theis Reenberg

Alexander van Haren

Board Member

Alexander van Haren is CEO at Innovate GmbH, Germany since 2002. Responsibility for growth and transformation in the world of wet wipes. Achieved many tasks like implementing EPR system, MES system and robotizing the shopfloor.

He has education from Nijenrode Business University Netherlands, and management experiences at Maddog (distributor of footwear), at Asmo I.D. (import/export of footwear) and export responsible position at Ford Van Haren B.V. (cars).

Member of the board of Photocat A/S since May 2024

Number of shares: 0

Theis Reenberg

Finn Overgaard

Board Member

Finn has Master of Business Administration and a background from consultancy and communication agencies. 

He has founded several startups, merged and been a cornerstone in a new international digital agency chain and CEO of 120 employees.

Start-ups and new value positions ie. DrugStars, driving adherence, PowerCyte, stem cell treatment and Gekko, a communication agency is on Finn’s record. +30 national and international awards for driving ROI. And the title “Strategist of the year”. 

Currently Finn teaching as an external lecturer at CBS masters programme (sales, strategy and campaign) and is CEO at AnyCore. At Anycore they are taking a revolutionary IoT product to the market that will create a feeling of safety to all who are passing on their own at night and their loved ones.

Finn has board member experience from Klausen & Partners (chair) and multiple owner/manager boards. 

Finn joined Photocat as a Board Member May 2023

Number of shares: 0